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Fertility Hypnosis

Learn how fertility hypnosis through Rapid Transformational Therapy® can provide support with fertility issues and IVF.

Support with Fertility Issues and IVF

Do you want to get pregnant and have a baby more than anything in the world, yet it does not seem to happen? It feels like you have tried everything but still without success? Do you feel desperate, powerless, and broken-hearted because your doctor told you that your chances of having a baby are very low and you are diagnosed with unexplained infertility? Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be used as a complementary, alternative tool towards pregnancy and having a baby. It mainly addresses the subconscious aspects of fertility issues, but can also be powerful support during the IVF process and pregnancy.

I am here to give you hope and I promise you that I will not take advantage of your fears and worries. I am not a doctor, I am an  RTT therapist. I work with you as a human being, looking at fertility holistically which has so much more to it than an egg and sperm. I can help you to get out of the desperation and hopelessness, to leave the suffering behind, to find new energy and confidence, to support you on your path to health and well-being. I can help you to take a step back and take a breath. Maybe it is time to give yourself and your body a break after the 4th round of IVF? Maybe it is time to take your health into your own hands rather than delegating it to others, to get a feeling for what is right for you, what is the next step that feels good to you? Of course, that is a completely different starting point for having a baby.

How can RTT help?

There are so many ways in which an RTT Therapy can help you on your baby journey. One important way is to release old subconscious blocks that might stand in the way of having a baby. That could be for example that you yourself had a difficult birth or maybe that the birth you gave to your first child was difficult with the consequence that you subconsciously formed the belief that giving birth is somehow scary. This could lead to a situation that you subconsciously avoid a pregnancy. Of course, circumstances are different for everyone, but most have in common that there are some subconscious blocks and releasing them can be very powerful. The advantage of the RTT Method is that we can communicate with your subconscious mind to identify blocks in order to resolve them.

The RTT fertility hypnosis therapy can help you to find your peace. You can arrive at a point where you can openly talk about your baby journey without being ashamed or falling into tears, because you wholeheartedly realized that there is nothing wrong with you.

Another great benefit of the fertility hypnotherapy through RTT Therapy is that it includes a tailored hypnotic recording for your particular situation with powerful pictures and suggestions for your mind. This supports you in developing positive thoughts and beliefs about getting pregnant and having a healthy and easy pregnancy and birth. It installs confidence and has a calming effect and takes away worries or fear.

During IVF process, RTT can be a powerful tool as it increases your confidence in the process, calms your mind and installs strong beliefs about the success of the procedure.

An RTT Therapy can also support you with taking better life-style choices which are so important for conception, pregnancy and birth. For example, it can help introducing healthy nutrition, rest and exercise into your life or help you to quit smoking.

The RTT Therapy is also a powerful tool to process and work through loss and sorrow after a miscarriage, to genuinely allow you to move on.

If you would like to find out more about my hypnotherapy for fertility or just want to have a discussion about your situation please book a free discovery call with me.