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About Me – Your Rapid Transformational Therapist

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I am your rapid transformational therapist. I live in a beautiful little coastal town called Marlo about 350km East of Melbourne, with my husband Rusty who I adore, our two dogs Graham and Rufus, two ponies, and 10 goldfish and if we are lucky, one or more of our wonderful children or grandchildren that visit from time to time.

I am extremely excited and happy to be able to offer this incredible “freedom” to my clients through Rapid Transformational Therapy.

In my life, I am a friend, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a successful businesswoman, and a mentor. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been involved in many exciting and growing experiences in my life, on a business and personal level. Being engaged with, and learning life skills from a diverse range of people in all walks of life.

My professional history has spanned many areas including Lifeline Telephone Counselling, Disability Support, and Case Management, Partnership Brokering with Young People, Education and Business, Community Development, working with Youth and sexual health as well as Business Development and Management.

I love life, and I am passionate about helping others to live the life that they want. I came across Marisa Peer and RTT Therapy when I was experiencing a lack of confidence, feeling lost in my direction, and crippled by limiting beliefs. As an RTT practitioner, RTT helped me to find my power and the opportunity to help others and empower them with the tools to improve their life, their happiness, their fulfillment is something I am passionate about.


As a certified hypnotherapist and rapid transformational therapist, I offer an array of services that can help people deal with different aspects of their lives and achieve the goals they want so they can be the best versions of themselves.

  • Quit Smoking – Live a healthier life by breaking this awful habit and completely stop smoking for good.
  • Weight Loss – Put your body in the ideal weight that you need to be in to be healthy and strong.
  • Anxiety and Depression – Better cope and slowly do away with anxiety and depression so you can live a happier life.
  • Fertility – Be in the best condition physically and mentally to become pregnant and bear your beautiful children.
  • Phobias – Conquer all your fears by utilising effective tools and techniques that will help you develop a stronger mind.
  • Relationships – Build stronger and more meaningful relationships by better dealing with different aspects of your life together.

Certified Certificate